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Apple, Apricot and Amaretti Layer dessert

Apple, Apricot and Amaretti Layer dessert

Apple, Apricot and Amaretti Layer dessert

Prep Time ~ 30 mins Cooking Time ~ 20 mins
Approx Cost ~ £3 Difficulty ~ Easy
Freeze ~ No Serves ~ 4

Tip ~If you do not have glass dessert dishes, use short whisky glasses instead.


500g / 1lb 2oz apples, peeled, cored and sliced

225g / 8oz ready soaked apricots, roughly chopped

2 tablespoons Amaretto liqueur

125g / 4 ½ oz amaretti biscuits, crushed

250g / 9oz fromage frais


  • Place the apples and apricots in a pan and add 100ml / 3 ½ floz water. Cook gently until the apples are pulpy and apricots have softened.
  • Allow to cool and then place in a food processor and process to a rough puree. Stir in the amaretto liqueur.
  • Put a layer of crushed amaretti biscuits in the base of each of four dessert glasses. Using half the fruit puree put an equal layer in each glass.
  • Reserve 4 dessertspoonfuls of the fromage frais, and then divide the rest equally between the glasses.
  • Reserve 1 tablespoon of the crushed biscuits and layer the rest equally over the fromage frais.
  • Divide the fruit puree between the glasses to create the last layer.
  • Place a dessertspoon of the fromage frais in the centre of each and sprinkle with the last of the amaretti biscuits.
  • Chill the dessert before serving.