Raspberry Sponge Cake with Mascarpone Cream


Sponge Cake with Raspberry and Mascarpone Cream

Prep Time ~20 mins Cooking Time ~ 35 Mins
Approx Cost ~£? Difficulty ~Easy
Freeze ~No Serves ~8 plus

Tip ~You will need: 2 x 8 inch / 20cm, (1 ½ inch / 4cm deep) sponge cake tins, lightly greased and base lined with baking paper.


6oz / 175g self raising flour

1 rounded teaspoon baking powder

3 large eggs

6oz/ 175g caster sugar

6oz / 175g butter, very soft at room temperature

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

For the filling:

8oz / 225g fresh raspberries

4 tablespoons of soft set raspberry jam

1 x 250g tub mascarpone

1 x 200ml tub fromage frais

1 level tablespoon caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

A little icing sugar to serve


1. Sift the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl.

2. Add all the other sponge ingredients into the bowl and using an electric hand mixer, whisk everything together until you have a smooth, well combined mixture. This will take about 1 minute.

3. Divide the mixture evenly between the two cake tins, place in the centre of a preheated oven - Gas 3 / 150C.

4. Cook for 30 - 35 minutes, don't open the oven door until at least 30 minutes have passed.

5. To test if the cakes are cooked, touch the centre lightly with your little finger, if it leaves no impression and springs back, the sponge is cooked.

6. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack. Allow to go completely cold before filling.

7. For the filling, combine the mascarpone and fromage frais in a bowl with a balloon whisk. Add the sugar and vanilla extract.

Spread one tablespoon of jam over one of the sponge cakes, follow this with half the cream mixture then scatter the raspberries all over that. Now add the remaining cream mixture and drizzle it with the rest of the jam. Place the second cake on top, press lightly to sandwich together. Dust lightly with icing sugar before serving.